Global Nature Conservation in an environmental organization based in Northern Kenya particularly Garissa county. It aims at addressing environmental challenges such as deforestation, unsustainable agriculture, climate change on women, food production, young people, elderly, person with disability and education.

Climate change affect all of us but differently, women and young people are disproportionately affected and bear the burden. Women play vital role in natural resource management, they manage water, wood fuel and take part in production of 70% of food produced in our localities. Despite that they are not given access to training, technology, land ownership, financial resource, leadership and decision making in addressing climate action and zero hunger. They have to accept policies and decision made for them. Global Nature Conservation use banana farming as a vehicle for women and unemployed youth build their own support system to become independent and empowered decision makers.  

Communities in northern Kenya are pastoralists, during drought and famine they experience setbacks which force them to turn to nature for survival. Some cut down trees and burn charcoal to sustain livelihood, this has contributed to deforestation and extinction of indigenous species. Through Global Nature Conservation communities are given environmental education so that they can learn the importance of forest conservation and why we should take initiative to protect our indigenous species.

Climatic condition can impact schooling outcomes in several ways. Extreme weather events such as floods and strong wind may damage school building or sometimes schools may be used to shelter people who have been displaced from their homes. This leaves children temporarily unable to attend school, and some kids might never return to their studies. Smallholder farmers suffering losses to income and food security caused by drought and heat waves may not have enough money to pay school fees or may pull their children out of school to help them earn additional income. Through Global Nature Conservation, smallholder farmers are trained on climate smart agriculture and sustainable farming which aim at increasing food productivity and income while building resilience to the shock of climate change.

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To promote a world where diversity of life thrive and people act to conserve.


Promote conservation culture in northern Kenya through afforestation.

Empower unemployed youth and women smallholder farmers in northern Kenya through climate smart agriculture and agribusiness.

Our Advisory Board

The role of our Advisors is bring structure to GNC, ensuring things run smoothly and getting the organization ready for growth/impact and new opportunities.



Madina Amin Hussein is a passionate
environmentalist, an award-winning environmental ambassador; Nominee of ZURI Awards under Agriculture category, Gender Just Climate Solution Award 2019 and
Heroine in Forest Conservation.

As a changemaker , she developed the passion for
conservation having come from  the ASAL regions-Northern Kenya particularly Garissa County where community livelihood depends entirely on natural resources but they lack a  conservation culture.

Her mission is to see people act to conserve nature for its
own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs
and enrich our lives.



Aden has a Masters of Arts in Project Planning and Management from University of Nairobi Kenya and two  Bachelor’s Degree; one from the University of Winnipeg Canada Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution Studies and another a Bachelor of Business Administration from Dr.Bhim Rao AmbedkarUniversity(Formerly Agra university). He has a long experience in development work some of which include working at TDB-International Kenya Office as a Project Manager where he Initiated comprehensive issue tracking process that improved communication and issue resolution for cross-functional teams and senior management.

He brings to the Board special expertise and interest in project management, public private partnerships and conflict resolutions advisory skills.



Sheila Ruto is passionate about sustainability and climate change. She has studied Mass communication and journalism; knowledge she uses to maintain cooperative relationships. Currently she works for KTDA Foundation under the Kenya Tea Development Agency, her role involves initiating interventions that improve the welfare of smallholders’ tea farmers in Kenya through strategic partnerships in areas of education, health, and economic empowerment.

Sheila will advise and develop and implement a fully integrated fundraising and communications strategy for GNC



FinancE, M&E advisor

Maryan is a finance expert, a graduate of the University of Nairobi. She is currently working with GIZ in Kenya as part of the Risk Management Section. She has solid, in-depth, program administration , management , planning,  operations support and implementation of community development projects.

Maryan bring’s to the GNC board a strong experience
in women empowerment program’s, monitoring and
evalution, finance, operation’s management and planning expertis



Mohamed Abdille is a graduate of Egerton
University where he studied Bachelors of Economics.
He is also a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) and
Member of Institute of Certified Public Accountants
of Kenya(ICPAK). He is currently engaged as an
Auditor with Deloitte Kenya(one of the big four
Global Companies) in the Audit Department.

Mohamed is also the president of Youth Senate Kenya and
an Alumni of Young Africa Leaders Initiative(YALI RLCEA)

Mohamed  will provide a “how-to” resource of effective practices to support youth engagement in all GNC programs


Programs ADVISOR

Abdi is a Development Officer professional adept with ensuring the efficient running of different projects and programs. He has Master’s degree in Education Policy, planning and Management from Moi University, Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, Kampala University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Secondary Option from Kampala University.

Abdi brings to GNC his experience as a key contributor to; successfully managing and designing high-quality work plans, conducting trainings, leveraging relationships and monitoring budget allocations. He has strong skills in project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, compliance, coordination, human resource, public relations, leadership and supervision.